Neil Gotta Be SIngle Cover_SunsetNOSE200

Stereo Reform, the 80s infused electrofunk project, was born around the beginning of the 2010s. Founder and frontman, Neil Turner, put the first generation of the group together in Charleston, SC with help from Craigslist and MySpace (Thanks you Tom and Craig of the interwebs). The fresh funk rock group quickly relocated to Los Angeles. There, SR recorded the 10 song LP, Robots of Evolution, at Killingsworth Studios with producer and former Diffuser frontman, Tomas Costanza. The album primarily served as a building block in the search for the right sound and an energizer for the band’s first national tour. In 2013 SR released The Future Started Yesterday, recorded and produced by Atlanta’s Grammy Nominated Bravo Ocean Music Group. The group worked more synthpop elements into the songs, and it paid off. The album earned SR a Pandora station, licensing deals with 6 television networks, 11 TV shows, as well as Nascar, Chipotle, Leaf TV and more. The award winning music video for the song, Fire, gained the attention of Jeffery Katzenberg’s Youtube Nation and was featured in a 2014 segment with MSNBC’s Jacob Soborroff. Leonard Maltin gave the LP two thumbs up on the popular podcast Doug Loves Movies. And really, who can argue with Leonard Maltin? No one, that’s who. 


In 2016, after again teaming up with Bravo Ocean Music Group, SR released the single, Kids Like Us. Kids introduced fans to SR’s new direction, which more heavily embraced the synth and electronic sounds from the 1980s. Drawing on the push from the single and the award nomination for the music video SR was booked to play multiple showcases at the 2017 SXSW festival. In Summer 2017 SR released the EP, PUMP CLASSIC. Carrying the torch from Kids Like Us, this EP features a neon pallet of retro sounds and synthesizers. Turner recorded the hook heavy synthpop EP with LA producer Danny Olguin, of Carpoolparty, now known as Fizzy Lazer.  Songs from the PUMP CLASSIC EP lead to SR performing several dates with the Carolina Ballet Theatre in 2018.   Later that year Stereo Reform teamed up with Greenville, SC based Klein Productions to record the single, RADIO LOVE. Turner opted to record the bass entirely on synthesizers this time, but brought back the electric guitar, which was largely missing on the PUMP CLASSIC EP. Olguin signed on to design and edit the music video for RADIO LOVE, which was released soon after the song. In 2019 the live shows were dialed back a bit in favor of working in new material with new live band members. 


In 2020 SR worked again with Klein and Olguin to produce and  release 3 new singles, TRY TO LOVE YOUR MIND, HOT LIES, and GOTTA BE SINGLE. Each song features Turner as the sole instrumentalist and vocalist. Due to COVID-19 restrictions SR could not perform live, but Turner did manage to generate a great deal of BTS content. New songs are already being written for an upcoming EP set to be released in 2021, and there are plans for a compilation album, as well as new video content.